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You must turn-in your complete 3-ring binder to get your official roster and to get a practice permit. Below are the detailed instructions for coach turn-in:

  1. Coach turn-in must be checked in by Dale Rowzee. The dates for check-in are Mon 2/11 through Fri 2/16 at the IPF.  If you can’t attend then delegate an assistant coach or a parent to turn in your binder on your behalf.
  2. Binder must contain 2019 Concussion Training Certification for you and your two lead assistant coaches.  Click here to begin. Click on-launch the Heads Up course on the right side of the page. After it is complete, please print your certification and put it in your binder.
  3. Binder must contain a photocopy of your players birth certificates. We do not have these on file. You must obtain them from each of your families.
  4. Binder must contain the NJJBA 2019 Sportsmanship Agreement form signed by all players, coaches and parents. Click here to download.
  5. Binder must contain a completed medical release form for each player on your team. Click here to download.
  6. USA Baseball Coach Ceritfication - click here to begin.
  7. Coach background checks must also be complete. These are not part of binder but are also required before your turn-in is complete. The head coach and 2 assistant coaches background checks are free. The rest of your coaches that will be in the dugout still need the background check. The team is responsible to pay for all background checks beyond the head coach and first 2 assistant coaches. The web link for the free head coach and 2 assistants http://assn.la/Reg/?r=1:257747. The web link for payable remaining assistant coaches is http://assn.la/Reg/?r=1:257748
  8. Team Sponsorship of $375.00 verified by Deric Dell. Sponsors can pay online.
  9. 2019 Financial Agreement signed and December bank Statement if your team has an established team bank account from 2018.
  10. Send your team parent's name, email address and phone number to our Team Parent Coordinator, Emily Armbrust: .