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Player Registration Information:
The table below outlines the age group options.  Spring age is determined by the age of the player on
May 1st. 

Current Year - Spring -  Level of Play Next Year - Spring - Level of play Current Year - Fall - Level of Play
8 and Under 8U 8U
8 and Under 9U 9U
8C 9U 9U
9U 10U 10U
10U 11U 11U
11U 12U 12U
12U 13U 13U
13U 14U 14U
High School HS HS


If you are a new player to NJJBA, please use the registration link to register for the proper age group.  If 
you have been contacted by a coach, then please indicate the coaches name during the registration 
process.  Otherwise, the coaches will be conducting an on‐line draft to fill their rosters and if necessary, 
the NJJBA Registrar and  Fall Ball Coordinator will create new teams. 
If your player played for NJJBA in the current Spring season, please contact your coach to: 
1. See if your coach, or an assistant, is going to coach in the current Fall season. 
2. If your coach would like you to play on the Current Fall season team. 
3. You would like to play for their existing coach for the Current Fall season. 
If these are all true, then register using the registration link and indicate the coaches’ name during the 
registration process.  The coaches will be selecting their teams by creating a list of players for their 
team, and then filling in and openings working with the Fall Ball Director. 
If any of these are not true, you can STILL register online but as an INDIVIDUAL PLAYER and you will be 
added to the list of potential draft picks for the on‐line draft.  If the player is not drafted, they will be 
placed on a team as decided upon by the Registrar and Fall Ball Coordinator. 
We will make every attempt to get every registered player placed on a team.  

Please direct any questions to our office at,   or 303-422-7406 or Kyle 
As part of the NJJBA board of directors, thank you for participating the Fall season. 
Kyle Harteker
Fall Ball Director